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In 1951, two hardworking Italian immigrants teamed up to start a small tool workshop where they worked shoulder to shoulder, 15 or 16 hours a day. Ten years later their two-man workshop had grown into a small business that had around 10 young and industrious workers on the pay roll (many of whom are still with the firm).

They initially concentrated on supplying the local industry with spare parts, mechanical assemblies and devices that required various precision machining processes.


In 1968, one of them, Mr. Bartolomé Sanguineti, bought out the shares of the company. He continued with the business alone; his loyal and highly trained workers following his lead. From the mid-seventies his two sons and daughter joined him.

Foreseeing the important development that was about to take place in the plastics industry, the family decided to devote its intellectual and technological know-how to the construction of all types of thermoplastic blow and injection moulds.

Today, the company can proudly say that it has been a pioneer in the field of blow moulds in Argentina. The business has turned out hundreds of moulds to supply all makes of blow or injection machines and a large variety of markets: food, toiletries, cosmetics, pharmaceutics, cleansers, sales promotions, soft drinks, edible oils, etc .

Company Principles

The production and marketing of all types of moulds for a wide range of markets in a responsible, efficient and profitable way.

Sanguineti is aware of its responsibilities towards:

Developing and supplying products and services of the highest quality and real value in terms of price and efficiency, backed by the necessary marketing and technological know how.


Having respect for their rights.
Providing the best sanitary and safety conditions possible in their work places.
Offering competitive working conditions.
Developing and making the best use of their human talents.
Acknowledging that the key to success lies in the full commitment of every single member of the personnel.


Seeking profitable relations for both sides with contractors and suppliers, and promoting the application of the same principles in those relationships.

Profitability is fundamental to being able to afford the above-mentioned responsibilities - to invest in training, technology and equipment; and also to develop new products and services to satisfy customers' needs and requests. Not withstanding, Sanguineti insists upon the honesty, integrity and fairness to be observed in every aspect of business and exacts the same behavior from every business partner.

Company Profile
Our relatively small size and high standards of production and technology have allowed us to grow and consolidate in a highly selective and globalized market.

  We owe our reputation to a steadfast philosophy:

Unfailing reliability
High standards of
quality and precision
  Optimal price-product relationship
  Strict observation
of delivery dates

Because of the conviction that our company's success is closely intertwined with our customers', our main objective is fulfilling the challenges they present to us; moreover, our commitment to every project ends only with its useful life.

We service many outstanding companies in Argentina, Latin America and South Africa.

We already service many outstanding companies in Argentina and abroad. However, faced with the challenge strengthening our position in the world market, we continue working to keep pace with the rapid technological changes of our times by:
• increasing the number of our CNC equipmen t,
• constantly updating our information technology, and
• progressively training our staff.

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