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Product design and development
Our main goal in design is to be able to grasp and fulfill the
customers' ideas in every project, starting from an exhaustive
analysis of their needs

Product Design
In product design and development we offer:

2D and 3D CAD design
Volumetric calculation
Rapid prototyping

A perfect product design simplifies the rest of the process - mould design, engineering, manufacturing, loading of the mould and production - every step works efficiently and generates profitable results for every one.

Mould Design

Both mould design and manufacture can have a significant impact on costs and quality.

Having examined and analyzed the product information, highly trained technicians complete the mould design and drawings, always taking into account every blow or injection machine requirement and characteristic.

We have the ability to work with information from almost every computer graphics file, from a sketch, a digitized model or even from an existing piece with "reverse engineering", to produce a high quality end product.

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